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Visual Voicemail not working on new phone

I recently upgraded from a Nexus 5x to a Pixel 3. I moved my sim card, went through the data transfer process with the data transfer cable, and everything worked fine.  With the exception of visual voicemail. When I try to access it I just the the error message below. 'Try Again' doesn't seem to do anything. I am on GSM if that helps.

George Rainone

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Hey George,

Congrats on the new phone lets see if we can help get that Visual voicemail working. Are you able to call your voicemail from that phone by using that app or holding down the 1 key? I'm thinking you may need to update the phone number your phone is using to access voicemail.

If that's not the cause we may simply need to reset your network connection which is quick and easy if you can get in touch with support.

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