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I have a Moto E4 phone.  Screen is black.  battery is good (tested on another Moto E4). Tested a different (and working) battery from another Moto E4, "dead phone" did not respond.  Have tried various, known, working charger cords, no response.  Have verified electrical outlet working as well as verifying charger cord correctly connected and plugged into outlet.  Question:  is the phone itself "dead" and beyond repair, destined for the trash?                            Question:  has the sim card failed, needing to be replaced? 



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  • Hi Hans,

     The phone's screen might be the issue but to find out that you would need to take it to a phone repair shop if you didn't have any warranty on it. It may be repairable but someone would need to take a deeper look at it. 

     As for the SIM card, it should not have been affected by the phone going "dead". The only way they fail is if they get scratched up which only really happens if you take the SIM in an out of the phone often. 

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