Nokia 3310 3G Set Up

I've seen a few people on here who have been successfully using the new Nokia 3310 3G. No matter what I do, I cannot seem to get the phone to connect to the GSM network. I have changed the APN settings according to Tings instructions (though Ting's instructions don't quite fit the settings of the 3310). Could anyone post their APN settings? Or provide any assistance getting this thing working? Much appreciated.



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  • Hi Noah,

     The one caveat I've noticed with the success of the single SIM Nokia 3310 3G connecting to the network has been the availability of the tower frequencies in the area of activation. The phone needs to have the 1900MHz to connect to the network which is a band that our network partner has begun to sunset as they move to 5G. 

     What I suggest is reaching out to our customer support so that we can take a look at the area that you are trying to activate it and see if there are the proper bands to connect. We can be reached by phone, email or online chat and are open over the holidays. 

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