Sprint can't activate phone used on Ting

I have two Moto G (1st Gen) phones I bought from Ting a while back, though I think they were previously a Boost phone, that I no longer use.  I want to sell them but Sprint keeps telling me these phones can't be activated with them.  I've chatted with two different Sprint reps, called their support center and then took it into a Sprint store.  No one can tell me why just that it can't be activated.

I've had two chats with Ting reps who both see nothing wrong on Ting's end and both pushed the phones back to Sprint but nothing seems to help.  I checked it against Boost's online checker and it passes there...anyway I've spent too much time and lost two potential sales but thought I'd ask here.  If no one really knows then I'll probably end up donating.




  • Hey Travis,

    Normally I would assume this is down to how the phone is identified in the Sprint system as far as MVNO/Ting (PLBL) or Sprint (SPCS) but I see we have already changed that and the MEID still does not clear the Sprint checker.

    Given that we've already swapped the phone back to Sprint it would be up to them to at least clarify why the phone can not be activated with them, while I'm not entirely familiar with their systems there really seems to be no reason on our end that the device could not be activated.

  • There's a good chance your Moto G 1st Gen are designed to only be used by MVNOs or on Sprint Prepaid. Sprint is a little weird about the phones that are specifically designed for networks like Sprint Prepaid, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile. 

    If you can send me the IMEI to mitch@ting.com, I can confirm, but I think your issue is C2 of this post. That means Sprint will never activate it on postpaid, even if the ownership flag is correct.

  • I've had a similar problem trying to switch to Verizon! I have a totally unlocked Moto G5S from Best Buy that is capable of running on every US carrier. My MEID passed for VZ's BYOD checker but when I try to activate a service plan, I am rejected. A VZ brick-n-mortar rep told me that Ting somehow "locks" your phone and you have to ask them to undo it ... just like a phone that is sold as locked to a specific provider. I can't figure out anything else that could be the problem. I guess I am not the only one. Perhaps VZ was correct?

  • Hey Timothy,

    I replied on your first post but wanted to also mention here that the issues described here are specific to moving to Sprint and would not impact the ability to move to Verizon, assuming of course that the phone in question is compatible with both as yours is.

    We can rule out the phone having been locked to/by Ting but as I mentioned we are definitely willing to help in any way we can if you reach out.

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