You are not allowed to send text messages.

I am getting this message at the worst possible time....I deleted all limits on my account and still cannot send text. ???



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  • Hi Gregory,

    Sorry to hear you're having texting trouble and we definitely understand its a bad time. If you've checked the account and limits the best bet is to reach out to support to get help fixing that. A quick network reset could do the trick as well so it would be worth restarting your phone if its GSM or dialing the following codes on a CDMA/Sprint phone:


    1. Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
    2. Tap the Phone and pull up the Keypad.
    3. Dial ##873283#
    4. Tap the green call button.
    5. Starting service update message will appear, tap Dismiss.
    6. If the update is successful a Service update complete message will appear, tap Dismiss.


    1. Dial # # 72786 #
    2. Tap OK
    3. Device will restart


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