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I understand Ting/T-Mobile bands such as LTE bands 2, 4, 13, 66, and 71.  Recenty Ive been seraching for a new phone to replace my Samsung Galaxy S5 (G900T).  When you put my S5's information into the TING BYOD checker i get checks for 2G, 3G and 4G LTE.  Perfect.  Today I went to a used cell phone store.  I was looking to buy a T-Mobile S7 Edge or LG V20.  We ut my SIM card into the S7 Edge and the phone worked fine.  I was about to purchase it but I asked the salesperson to do the Ting check just to be sure it was "FULLY" compatible.  Glad I did.  After plugging in the S7 Edge's information into the TING BYOD checker, it came back with coverage for 2G and 4G LTE, no 3G.  We then tried the LG V20 and got the same result.  2G and 4G LTE but no 3G.  The sales person tried to tell me that newer phones did'nt have 3G coverage. I didn't buy that and I also didnt buyt the phone.  t ravel for work so I'm figuring I need all three bands.  

I see an S7 Edge for sale on the Ting Shop page.  Do these S7's you sell work on 2G, 3G and 4G LTE?  If so what it the model number?  I would like a S7 Edge with coverage for all three tyoes.  Does it exisit?  Prices on SWAPPA are very good but I do not want to buy a phone without the coverage I want.  

Also can you tell a phone supports Ting VOLTE or Wi-fi calling just by looking a certain specs?

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  • Hi Larrow,

     When it comes to phone connectivity the phone is one half of it and the tower that surround you and frequency will be the other half of it. So if you are traveling for work some areas may not have the same coverage as others because of this. Having a phone with the most amount of frequency support built into them is going to give the best connection options as you move from place to place.

    The model of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that has all the frequencies to maximize connection is the G935F or theG935T. The G935F version would not pick up the WiFi calling feature unless you put on a custom ROM on to it but the G935T should. What I might suggest though is using our Personal Shopper program to locate the phone for you. It's a program that we have where a team searches online for phones compatible based on your specifications. They'll send you some links to choose from and can help make sure that you get the right phone for your needs. They're still here over the holidays and all you have to do is fill out this form to have them start the process

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