Voicemail on Moto G6 play not working-- speak up!!!!

Purchased a G6 play from Ting, using CDMA/Sprint. There is no voicemail icon on the dialpad screen and I get no icon on the top of the screen when I have a voicemail.  I've been working in circles with Ting, SIM cards, supposed tickets with Sprint, installed visual voicemail, it doesn't see voicemails at all, finally a replacement phone.. Same problem. 


There must be others with this issue??



  • Hi Tom,

    Sorry to hear voicemail has been a pain on that phone, are you using an app that came on the phone or the Sprint Visual voicemail app?

    While we don't have our own voicemail app you should be able to make use of either of those options or even a 3rd party option like YouMail.

    There have been others mentioning the same issue in the Motorola forums so it does seem to be a Sprint problem but we can certainly try to troubleshoot and look at alternative solutions. 

  • Installing visual voicemail was yet another attempt in a long list of failed tries. Voicemail has not worked since day 1. You can refer to the multiple emails and tickets.

    i've been told by ting that it's a Sprint issue, curious why you can't get it fixed as you are a large-ish wholesale customer.

    I checked with Project Fi and they are telling me there aren't any issues with voicemail with Moto voicemail on Sprint so I may have to bail on Ting to get service that functions as one would expect. They must have a better relationship with Sprint.

    I've been a customer for several years and it's unfortunate that I'll have to leave because of this.


  • Hi Tom,

     Even though we are a large-ish wholesale provider there are still things that take time to fix between our system and our network partner systems. If Christian's suggestion of using a third-party app like YouMail until the issue is fixed on our end doesn't seem like the best solution the other option, depending on the phones capabilities, is to switch it over to the GSM network to use the features there. If you're in contact with one of our support representatives they can take a look at the phone and see if it can switch which would give you another option so you don't miss any voicemail while this issue gets worked on. 

  • You're not alone. We got my daughter a G6 for Christmas. On the Sprint CDMA network, Sprint Visual Voicemail isn't working. 

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