Viewing help support requests in Ting app

// This is something that should probably be brought up with the iOS app development team

The Ting app, on iOS at least, does not appear to provide a way of viewing active support tickets.

The only workaround I’ve found for the time being is to:

1) press the “Submit a request” button 
2) from the resulting WebView, press the Ting logo in the top left to get to <
3) from <>, there is a “My requests” button

This works, but is a workaround that the average user might only discover by chance, or if they understand they are inside a WebView.

Maybe a native UI would be better here rather than an embedded WebKit instance?

Exploring this has also brought to mind the question of whether the login session used by the “Submit a request” WebView is properly closed; does the WebView automatically issue a sign-out request when the user returns to the “How can we help?” UI, or are there potentially several login sessions left open as the user opens and closes the ”Submit a request WebView?




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