Screw this- no 24 hour support when your text messaging stops working and I'm barely through 50% of my allotment for the month?

I was texting my long distance boyfriend (as usual) and all of a sudden, at 1 in the morning, I get a msg that says my msgs are blocked. Wtf? I google and ohhhh, Ting has suddenly decided that I've sent too many messages. I check my account and LOOK, I've only gone through 51% of my alotted text msgs for the month! I'm sitting at 58 dollars of the 100 I pay every month for this service!


No problem, there was some sort of mistake, I'll just call customer support.


Except THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT 24/7. The number I called is closed. There's no online chat. That's closed too. There is literally NO SUPPORT if you have some sort of emergency when their call center hours are done.


I did nothing wrong. My bill is up to date, I haven't gone over my text allowance, but when YOUR service fails I have NO RECOURSE.


I'd much rather pay 10-20 dollars extra a month for UNLIMITED service that offers support whenever I need it. I am just a 4 year customer venting that I've had ENOUGH of deceptive billing looking like it's oh so much cheaper when I get billed outrageously for going a few minutes over a month here or there and having to sweat over watching every text I send and the bill comes out to be the same as every other major carrier out there, and whenever I have problems ( and this is not the first or second time) I can't reach out to get it fixed immediately.


I am so freaking frustrated and I'm done.



  • And why am I posting this here? BECAUSE THERE IS NO EMAIL ADDRESS TO CONTACT THIS FREAKING COMPANY. I posted this here because there literally is no other option to complain. NO OPTION to talk to these people. I googled "ting email" "ting customer service".  I wanted to address to them directly but there IS NO EMAIL to take this to.

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  • Hi Rachel,

     Sorry to hear that your phone was not texting when you needed it to. I know that can be frustrating wanting to use your phone and it not working and would like to help fix this now that our phone and online chat is open.  We do pride ourselves on our customer service but we are not available 24 hours except with our email which can be found on our Help page (it's also just 

     If you haven't reached out to us yet we are open on both by phone or online chat and would be happy to help solve this issue for you. 

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