Selected Network (Ting) Unavailable

This started several days ago. My phone could connect fine to Data services with no issues. Then, it started switching between Emergency calls only and No service. Went through Ting's support and we did the whole shebang from checking the towers, pushing my phone to reconnect, deleting and replacing the APN setup, testing the SIM on another phone (the backup from a year ago which connected to the network right away).

After all of that, he suggested as a last ditch effort to reformat the phone. I backed the phone up over wifi last night to Google and reformatted this morning and re-added the APN info, and it still failed. Any suggestions? It is a Nexus 5 32GB Marshmallow 6.0.1.

Additional info: The Ting towers show up under Network operators, but any attempt to connect to one gives the Unavailable error. Letting it choose automatically gets the same result. The phone is set to be LTE (recommended) as the Network type. I tried both the 2G and the 3G to connect, but same issues. Cellular Data is turned on.



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  • Hi William, 

     It sounds like it has something to do with the phone if the SIM works in the older device. I have had some users who had issues with the APN settings and they tried using the T-Mobile apn information in the MMSC section. Instead of using the one listed in our guide, try putting in: http;//

     If that doesn't work I'm afraid it might be something to do with the phone and what I might suggest is taking it to a repair shop near you to see if they can diagnose the issue. If they can't fix the issue either you might have to consider a new phone. We have our shop page or a personal shopper program here that could help you find a phone that works for you.

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