Gen 1 Pixel - should I choose CDMA or GSM?

I am about to upgrade my 5-year-old handset to a "newer" used phone & considering the first generation Google Pixel. I have two questions: 1) Should I choose Ting's CDMA or GSM activation, 2) Does a description like, "Verizon ... GSM unlocked" mean CDMA is NOT unlocked, so I could only choose GSM on Ting with that phone?



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  • Hey George,

    If you already have the new phone you can check for compatibility using our BYOD tool but if not we would suggest the US factory unlocked model as it will work either CDMA or GSM with Ting.

    As far as which would be better to choose it really comes down to your local coverage, you can check out our coverage maps to see which would be the better option where you need service most.

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