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Hello there,


I recently added a razer phone 1 to my plan and when I was going through the APN settings I ran into an issue.  When attempting to set the single APN settings my phone is giving me an error stating "dun" setting is not allowed by network.  I cannot save the information in the phone... however... I don't think I need to set this up as my phone auto selected Ting as its network and seems to have full internet connectivity.  Should this be ok?  or am I going to have an issue with mms or something in the future?



  • Hey Josh, 

    We've seen this before with unlocked phones that don't differentiate between Ting and our network provider. Until Google releases an update to patch it, some phones won't be able to use the "dun" feature of you APN, which just controls mobile hotspot. 

    If you never use mobile hotspot on your Razer, you'll not notice a difference. If you do want to use the hotspot feature regularly, I suggest reading over this Reddit thread detailing the issue and report the issue to the developers of Android.

    There's no known workaround for directly altering this setting, as it's baked into the actual Android Open Source Project running underneath every Android phone out there. Until and unless the change is reverted or updated to recognize carriers like us (who allow you to tether with no additional charge), this is probably going to be an issue for you.

  • Thanks Mitch,

    I figured that was all it was as my wife's one plus 6 worked fine throughout the setup and manual APN settings. If it gives me any lip I'll just add the APN settings without the dun rights as I use hotspot maybe once a year anyways. 

    Thanks again

  • You could also try a third-party mobile hotspot app like PDANet+, just to test out the hotspot feature. It might still not work, but at least you'll know you've tried everything. 


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