iPhone 6 formerly on Verizon with an new number

My daughter gave her little sister her old iPhone 6 to use. I want to set this up on Ting but I don't know what to do. I did search to make sure the phone can be brought over but it gives me two choices the CDMA or GSM.  I have no idea what this means! Sorry!  I believe it would be considered a 'locked' phone as it was formerly on the Verizon network, so I'm not sure which one of these SIM cards to chose.  I also need a new number for this phone as well.  Need some guidance here!  Thanks!



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  • Hey Christina, 

    You're in luck! Typically, Verizon phones are sold "unlocked", which means you get your choice of either the CDMA network or the GSM network. 

    In my experience, I would recommend the CDMA network for the iPhone 6, because it lacks one of the important frequencies we use on our GSM network for calls and texts, and those are kind of important. It will still work if you choose the GSM network, but just know that you may experience issues receiving some phone calls. It's not a guarantee that you'll have issues, it's just common enough that I would want someone to mention it to me if I were in your shoes. 

    Once you have the SIM card in your hand (after the search, click the CDMA network selection and it will take you to the right SIM card), you can activate it at ting.com/activate, which will give you the option to put a brand new phone number on it!

    If you get stuck, reply to me here (my team can see when you reply and can get back to you quickly if I'm out of the office) or the entire support team at help@ting.com -- we're here to help!

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