Agents said the bill was taken care of but I'm still charged,

Hi there I was told by agents due to my near zero usage and that my devices were only added to my accounts and that my accounts were closed for "referral gaming" the next business day that they would credit the bill and I have nothing to worry about used 2 minutes on one account and 1 minute on the other and I'm charged 10.65 on each account, On Jan 04 both accounts were credited for the entire bill and told me I wouldn't be charged anymore. On Jan 06 both accounts charged my two bank accounts. I DIDN'T EVEN USE THE SERVICES BEFORE THEY CLOSED THE ACCOUNTS. AND I STILL OWE 21 dollars and change. I was told let bygons be bygons and i have nothing to worry about but they still charge me. 

I didn't get a free month, I use the account litterly for an hour each, as for the referral gaming, the two accounts were meant for two people so technically it was a referral for the other person, I am responsible for both bills however but since it will be for some one else It is technically a referral and I'm not referring myself in that case. so this is totally unfair. I didn't even get to use the accounts before your TOS and AUP teams closed down the accounts. and I still have to pay for the services. I didn't use. Your agents said it was taken care of and the accounts still have a credit. so this is BS. I have every right to shut this down. I am contacting sprint and requesting your MVNO access be suspended.




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  • Hey Brian, 

    We can't comment on account-specific matters for accounts suspended or shut down by our security team on a public forum like this, because our security team works very hard to verify everything before acting. What we can say is that credits are at the security team's discretion if they believe they need to be rescinded.

    If you have questions about the decisions the security team made about your account, please contact and ask specifically for someone from the security team to follow up with you. 


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