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I recently bought a Galaxy S7 Edge from Ting and this phone is constantly sending me notifications to setup wi-fi calling.  I want to disable the alerts.  But wi-fi calling is not in the settings menu, so I can't enable or disable.  I don't need wi-fi calling, because I have Google Voice and Ooma which will do the same thing.  I just want the notifications to stop.  Does anyone know how to turn them off?  The only fix I found was someone entered ##brand# and it worked.  But this does some type of factory reset and I don't want to do that if I don't have to. 



  • Let me correct what I said.  ##brand# did not fix the notifications.  It just added wi-fi calling to the setup menu.

  • If the feature is turned off in your Ting dashboard and it's still happening, you can always force-stop and suppress notifications from the WFC and Phone apps in Settings > Apps.

  • Can you please add some details?  How do I see if the feature is turned on or off on the dashboard?  Also which APP would I stop notifications on?  If I stop notifications, won't that make the phone not tell me if I have missed calls and voicemail and other important notifications that I do want?

  • Sorry -- I should have been more clear. To check if the feature is turned on in your dashboard, check this article in our knowledge base.

    There should be a feature on the phone number in question called "Can use WiFi Calling". If you turn it off, it removes the WiFi Calling feature from your phone, and should disappear after a reboot of your phone. 

    If that doesn't work, this article by CNet goes over how to clear data from an app.

    If you do that and the notification still appears when you pull down the notification shade, long-press on the notification and it will bring you to an option to turn notifications off. This does not affect your ability to send or receive phone calls. It just removes the ability for the app to put a persistent (not dismissable) notification in your notification bar.

    Does that make sense?


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