OnePlus 6 Visual Voicemail not working

Just got a new unlocked OnePlus 6 setup with Ting and it's working great except I can't get visual voicemail to work. Anyone else having this issue or any success? 

I'm not sure what this page is saying. Do I need to disabled call forwarding to get it to work?

  • Is this a factory-unlocked phone with built-in visual voicemail or a carrier-issued phone preloaded with visual voicemail for a network Ting supports? Yes
  • Are there any pending OS updates you can download? No
  • Is data connecting? Yes
  • Are you in a roaming area? No
  • Is the voicemail number correctly programmed into the phone? Yes? This is the number that gets called. 805 637-7456
  • Have you disabled any call forwarding? No, all set to 805 637-7249

"If you have answered yes to all of the above get in touch with Ting support so we can help"



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  • Hi Jared,

    This is a pretty common issue on that device based on posts we've seen on Reddit and support forums.

    It looks like some had success by clearing the app cache and then reconfiguring the app again over cellular data, so ensuring you are not connected to Wi-Fi.

    It would also be worth reaching out to support to ensure the subscription is set up correctly for visual voicemail or they could help with setting up an alternative app like YouMail.

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