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I had to upgrade to a Pixel 2 last fall and have noticed that I get data usage notification several times a week now. All they say is "Android System / High mobile data usage / Your apps have used more data than usual". Maybe 3-4 times ever it's told me specifically what app was using data. To make matters weirder, I'm almost always on Wi-Fi when I get these notifications.

I've checked "App data usage" in the "Data usage" section of the "Settings" menu, but I'm not getting any info as to what is using data. I've talked to two other people with the Pixel 2 and a Pixel 2 XL and they've never gotten this notification. 

I'm using a GSM sim, haven't done anything special to the phone. 

Also, honestly, this phone has been using way more data then any of my previous phones. My last one was a Nexus 5X, and before that a Nexus 5, and both regularly used way less than 500MB of data on a normal day, but the Pixel 2 for me has been a huge data suck.


Why am I getting these notifications? Is there a big enough difference with how the Pixel 2 uses data that I'd see this kind of jump?



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  • Hey Ashley,

    While swapping phones shouldn't necessarily affect data usage it seems like at the very least we should do some digging to find the culprit. For help with that as well as editing that warning have a look at the Pixel Reduce & manage mobile data usage page. 

    It could be a case of background data usage accounting for the difference but its hard to say without digging deeper, feel free to reach out to support for help getting to the bottom of that and they could also help by setting caps/alerts from your Ting account to protect against unexpected usage and the impact on the bill.

    We've also covered some tips on our blog that could help, there is a ton of useful information in our recent Lower mobile data usage and save on your cell phone bill post.

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