Disappointing disappearing dashboard data summary!

Why oh why is there no available option to look at this month's bill and divide usage by each line? Like the monthly dashboard and breakdown just disappears. So disappointing when there multiple lines!  It cannot possible be that hard to provide a snapshot of the dashboard with the end of the monthly bill!  Or even have a line summary of usage per line (minutes, text, data) under the billing detail.  It is nuts in this age of super easy data analysis that I need to manually add up each line or category!



  • Hey James, 

    I can't be 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure this or something similar is one of things being built into the dashboard redesign right now. I'll be sure to bring this up again at our next features request meeting, but you're not the only customer who wants tools like this, so please know that we hear you loud and clear!

  • I also was surprised to see the online dashboard dropped the breakout by phone.  But if this is a temporary glitch and you're making it better, then I can be patient waiting for improvements!

  • We'll keep you updated Doug and appreciate all the patience!

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