Charge for international text incorrect

Ting lists international messaging for Japan @ 5¢/per message. I have been charged 12¢/per message. Please explain discrepancy. Thank you!



  • Hi,

     Thanks for reaching out to us. When looking at international messaging charges for Japan on our website it does specify that while there that it is $0.12 per text message sent. Was it possible that you were looking at another country?  

  • Thank you for your response. When I am signed into my Ting account, select Rates from the menu, select International, and scroll to view Japan, the rate is listed as 5¢/message. I can send a screen capture, so you see what I am looking at, but I do not see a way to attach an image to this message.

  • There are two rates at play. 

    The rates page you're seeing (Rates > International> Scroll to Japan) at $0.05/min is the per-minute charge for calling from the US to Japan while in the US. This is for calls only, not text messages.

    We offer international text messaging at no additional charge while on US soil. It just counts against your Ting messaging bucket.

    The rate Bryce linked to earlier is an international roaming rate. That is, you're charged $0.12 per message sent while on Japanese soil.

  • That helps clarify things, I understand. Thank you for your prompt response!

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