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Please use a darker text font color on your website. Light gray and light blue font colors are difficult to read and are considered poor website design. I know light gray colors were fashionable for a while (the person who thought this up should be fired as a web designer), but they are user-unfriendly, which anyone who attempts to read such a website would see (including the web designer!). I do not support companies who can't see the obvious in their websites (that potential clients can't read the text). 



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  • Hey so can u help me out with a site or a place in the web where I can easily get my own web page started for free or what software I need to download that is free and how I can start my webpage with being able to collect funds and distribute the online bumps to the customer to use in their account and everything like that to do so and would u be able to guide me to that stuff if u know of any software or programs or online free school to do so or something like that to start my business online and a copyright guarantee that nobody will copy my site and my site idles secure and stuff so do u think u can help me out please ??? Anything will help me cuz I've tryed one site and it was so confusing and I just gave up with that so now I gotta try something out but I need it to be free because I have no money to start bv with

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