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It would be outstanding if the emailed invoice and/or viewed and/or downloadable invoice on the site would have the summary of the of each line's use, just like the current usage page does.  This has been brought up several times on this form.  I'm opening a new post instead of just adding to one of those, since it seems the general Ting response is that the programmers can't figure out how, or it would take a lot of work, or it's not a high priority.

I AM a programmer ~ come on guys, don't blame it on the programmers.  If they say it's that hard, get new programmers.  Adding numbers together isn't difficult - AND - you actually have the code already written since it's in the current usage screen.



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  • Hi Dave,

    This definitely has come up and its something we would definitely like to make happen. There will be some changes coming to the billing process in the near future so hopefully, we can make that happen sooner than later.

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