Temporarily disabling alerts rules

I've been playing around with the alerts rules to see how I could limit my usage but came across an interesting situation. If I've set a data limit for myself that disables data for that device after a certain amount of usage, the options available are to disable until I re-enable or disable until next billing cycle. I find the latter option very useful. However, I can foresee a situation where I go over my specified limit but need to continue usage. However, the only option at this time is to completely disable the rule.


I'd like to suggest the option (to appear on the notification banner and in the alerts page) to disable a rule for a short period of time (12 hours, 24 hours, 7 days) so it will automatically re-enable after the selected period of time.



  • Hey Sujeeth, 

    Once you hit the cap before your cycle ends and the service is disabled, you can simply toggle it in your dashboard, and that'll ignore that cap until your billing cycle resets, allowing you to continue usage. 

    For example, let's say your have a limit of 500MB of data. Once you hit it, we disable your data service as you asked. Logging back in to your dashboard and re-enabling the data toggle (not touching the cap) will allow you to safely bypass it until your cycle resets. On cycle reset, the 500MB of data cap kicks in again. That's what "disable until I re-enable" means.

    Once enabled, the rule won't kick back in specifically until the cycle reset because that's easier to explain, but if at any time BEFORE your cycle reset you'd prefer to put it back into place, you can manually toggle your data off again. The drawback is you'll have to remember to re-enable it once your cycle resets.

    I like the idea of time-based disables, and will be bringing this to our team that manages this sort of thing to see if it's something we can accomodate, albeit in a "Ting" way.

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  • Thanks for the quick update Mitch!


    I'll try it out but look forward to the time limited feature, if possible. Thanks.

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