Very frustrated

I've heard such great things about Ting, but my experience has completely sucked. After porting a number and waiting a week for it to work and having the problem blamed on the previous provider, I was finally told that Ting doesn't offer service where I live in Seattle - even though the maps show coverage for miles around. Thanks for a week of inconvenience. 



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  • Hey Nichole, 

    I took a look at the tickets you're talking about, and I think there's another step I'd like to try before advising you to leave Ting for coverage, because your phone (the Lumia 635) should be pretty darn compatible. 

    Can you send me an email at your earliest convenience to I'm working Monday-through-Friday this week, so I'll be able to respond within normal business hours and troubleshoot this issue with you one final time making sure you get what you need, even if that's another carrier. I should hope it isn't, but I'd like to opportunity to try.

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