Hidden fee for switching method of payment?

I have a family plan where my brother and I alternate paying the monthly ting bill that both of our phones are connected to. This generally works well, and the phone service hasn't been bad, but as I switched the billing information this morning to link to my debit card, I noticed that Ting had pinged my bank account for a $1 fee that still isn't showing up on my Ting billing history. Is this coming from y'all?

We really don't want the extra dollar tacked on to our bills every month; my brother just bought a new sim card and plan with y'all, and we like what we have going on with Ting so far.

Is there any way to remove the dollar charge?




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  • Hey Simon,

    The "hidden fee" is really just a hold that confirms for us that the card being entered can, in fact, be billed against. We process the hold for the $1 and it is returned to your account within 24 hours...since the funds are only held and not in fact charged there would be no indication of this on your Ting account statement.



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