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My wife and I each have a Ting phone....one has a 608 area code and the other recently acquired phone has a 727 area code.  On the most recent bill I noticed that I was being billed for six calls @ $1 each to 411 (directory assistance).  Further investigation revealed that they were made in a few minutes time frame on the same date.  We know exactly where we were at the time and the 608 phone was sending a message to the 727#.  The messages came thru and I have not deleted them.  HOWEVER they were billed as directory assistance calls.  After multiple exchanges with the TING help desk it’s my problem.  We’ve NEVER needed or dialed directory assistance.  I’ve not asked for a credit nor was one offered.  BEWARE!



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  • Hi there,

    We do mention on our rates page where we cover additional fees that calls to 411 directory assistance will be billed at $1 per call, this is a fee we are charged by our network providers and pass on so that we can offer the option of calling 411 if needed.

    The usage reports listed on your account are the very same we receive from a cell tower that confirms the usage listed was indeed authenticated and verified so if you are seeing 411 in your usage without any knowledge of calling them it is likely this was done by accident. If its a one-time thing support would be happy to help by crediting and if it became a recurring issue we'd be happy to help determine how these calls were inadvertently being placed.

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