Adding Contacts to Tinitell Device

Is there a way to add a new contact to my Tinitell device now that the app has been discontinued?



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  • Hi Kate,

    With Tinitell no longer operating and having stopped support for their app it would not be possible to add a contact. We really liked the concept and were sad to see them go but there are other products out there that are great for kids like the Pomo watches.

    You can make use of any that supports our GSM frequencies and can use our Ting GSM SIM card to your plan.

    Below is a list of frequencies to look out for when buying a smartwatch.

    2G -- GSM 1900MHz (talk/text)

    3G -- HSPA/UMTS 1700/2100 (AWS) (data)

    4G -- Band 4, Band 2, Band 12 (data)

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