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I purchased the iPhone 8 directly from Ting and LOVE THE PHONE AND SERVICE...

The only frustration I am having is when I get an INCOMING call all I see on the display is the phone number calling into me... this is horrible...  How do I set up the display to show me 'who' is calling...  Answering a call without knowing who is calling is so outdated and just not acceptable anymore...

How can I set this up being as most other carrier provide this as an 'included option'...

I look forward to hearing from you soon...


Thank you,




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  • Our GSM carrier has different restrictions on caller ID, which might explain the difference between what you experience on Ting and what you experience on other carriers.

    It seems like something that should be standardized across the industry, but it's not. There are specific updates that some carriers have to subscribe to (and some don't), and it means that sometimes caller ID information is out of date and remains out of date for YEARS past when you updated it with your carrier. This makes it notoriously unreliable for cell phones. There just isn't a better option yet.

    You're still free to add numbers you know to your address book, so they'll show up correctly when those numbers call. That's the best workaround right now because "there is no central authority or regulation for Caller ID."

    "No FCC guidelines regulate carrier accuracy, and although federal regulations exist regarding telemarketers and spoofing, carriers can maintain their caller ID databases as they see fit."

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