Right to repair legislation

I wanted to take this opportunity to write in and express my gratitude for Ting's support of Right to Repair legislation (i.e. the right to fix issues with your technology yourself rather than be forced to go through the manufacturer).  Your support of your customer base's freedom, self determination, and property rights have not gone unnoticed and confirm that I have made the right choice in selecting Ting as my cellular carrier both now and in the future.



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  • Thank you so much, Matthew! We take the right to repair very seriously, not the least of which because we're concerned about the sheer number of otherwise-useful-but-slightly-broken phones that end up in landfills every year.

    It's so much more than that. It's the small repair businesses that can turn a profit from repairing. It's the cost savings from being able to hand down great tech without shelling out hundreds for a new phone. It's that cell phones are just another in a line of products that we already don't need the manufacturer's permission or explicit instructions to repair.

    On the note of not discarding technology because it's just slightly older than the newest model, I think we're going to have something to announce on that front some time in the near future. Stay tuned.

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