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I have an iphone 6 and an iphone 7 that we have been using with Ting and are switching to a new carrier. Our numbers have already been switched. How do I get our phones unlocked so we can take them to a different network? Sprint, Ting and Boost Mobile customer service departments have been no help.



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  • Hey Scott, 

    It depends where you got the iPhones. We don't have the ability to unlock phones, but if you bought them from ting.com/shop, they're already unlocked. That's why Ting support can't really do anything to help you unlock -- we don't have the ability because we don't lock phones.

    If you bought them from a third party, you'd need to contact that third party to see if they can unlock them. If they're unable or unwilling to do so, you'd have to contact the original carrier. In my experience in dealing with Sprint for unlocks, you'll 100% need the original Sprint account holder information to get them to process it. Books have been written about why this seems an odd and bad idea, but locked Sprint phones are at the mercy of Sprint tech support to get unlocked. 

    I've had better luck with chat -- sprint.com/chat -- in talking about unlocks. For some reason, those agents by and large can cut through a lot of basic troubleshooting in order to actually get you what you might need.

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