Can I Change My Billing Options?

Hello Tingers,

I've just completed my first month with Ting. And not surprisingly, I saved more than $20 this month from my previous service. Even after using more data than we normally do. Thank you so VERY much Ting!

Now that we've started a new billing cycle, I'm not seeing where I paid for last month. It shows a pending bill, but I see no amount and no deduction from my bank account yet. How long does this normally take? Also, I've always been a little squeamish having fees taken from my bank account automatically. Can I set Ting to send me an email notification or a paper snail mail of my pending bill instead of an auto payment?

Again, thank you Ting. I'm predicting a HUGE savings in the coming months ~ and years ~ using this service. Now if I can just cut those crazy cable bills!!  :-)

- Dean -



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  • Hi Dean,

    Glad to hear you're saving some cash with us! 

    When a billing cycle ends there is a short period where it is pending, usually a day or two, and then a short period before we charge you that can also last a day or two. All in all the balance and payment should all be updated and processed in 2-5 days. As far as the email notification we will let you know by email once payment is received (or if for some reason it fails) but paper billing is not something we do, though of course, you can print your bill from the website anytime if you'd like.

    Have a look at our monthly billing FAQ as it may answer any other questions you have and feel free to ask away if we can help with anything else. We're very happy to help you save some money and we're here if you need us!

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