iPhone Upgrade Program

Is it possible to participate in the iPhone Upgrade Program yet? I see this years old post in the other topic and I've had trouble going through the steps on the Apple Store app (I tried my ph # and my port out PIN, but it said that wasn't valid Sprint subscriber info).



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  • Hi Anthony,

     It's not possible to do the iPhone Upgrade Program through Ting I'm afraid. The program is only available for those that directly use one of the four major carriers. Here at Ting, we have network partners but we are our own separate company so you wouldn't be able to use the program.

    We do have our personal shopper program here at Ting if you are looking at getting a new phone. They can help search online and are pretty up to date on any deals that may be going on. Feel free to reach out to them here if you want to see what they can find. 

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