ios system services data: is it charged?

I currently aim to keep under 100 MB per month. However, in one day, my iPhone's system services have used 1.0 MB - by that logic, that will use up ~30 MB per month. Are these system services usages charged?



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  • Hi Clemence,

     If the updates are being done over the mobile network there will be a charge for it. You should be able to force any of these updates to be WiFi only. There's a good forum post here about the different system services that could be running by the phone whose settings could be changed. I would suggest checking it out but if you have any difficulties with it please reach out to our support team by phone, email or online chat and we can give a hand walking you through the settings and how to turn them off. 

    There are basic network refreshes that are pushed over the network that we cover in our data grace policy. These are small though and we also have our data buffer if you slightly go over the 100MB data usage. 

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