I can't make a phone call

I keep trying to to make phone calls, and it keeps saying "you are unable to make calls at this time, only allowed numbers can be reached". I can text and use my mobile data, this started last week I think when I could no longer make a phone call. How can I fix this?




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  • Hi Mariah,

     There could be a couple of different things causing this issue. The first thing I would suggest checking is making sure that the calling feature is turned on for the phone number in question. You can do this through your Ting My Account under the Device Settings tab. You'll need to go to the specific number that is having the issue. We have a great guide that walks through how to do this here.

     If the feature is turned on then we would need to do some investigating on your account through our support team. We have an online chat feature that will reach one of our representatives that can give this a look and help you to get back to making phone calls again. 

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