Request Timed Out & WiFi Shutting Down

Hi all,

I'm having an issue with getting a "Request Timed Out" popup when trying to use the Ting app. It happens sometimes when I'm not connected to WiFi and driving around the community. Is this because of a dead zone? Because in the places this usually happens I have never had connection problems before.

I'm also having an issue of my phone automatically shutting off WiFi even though it's set to automatically connect to the strongest ~ and saved ~ signal. This worries me because I have to check my connection periodically to make sure WiFi is turned on and I'm not being charged. Could these issues be related? I'm using a Samsung J7 Refine.

- Dean -



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  • Hey Dean,

    The error you've mentioned generally means the app is unable to connect to the internet so it may indeed be a dead zone assuming cellular data is enabled on both your J7 and your Ting account. If you can confirm you have a cellular data connection when this is occurring you can try deleting and reinstalling the app as that could also help.

    As for the phone losing the WiFI connection generally that points to an issue with the Wifi network itself as it could be explained by a weak connection. You could look at resetting that connection to try and fix the issue as well as forgetting the network and reconnecting from your device as that could also ensure the best possible connection.

    The issues don't seem connected at first glance given the app issues are when Wifi is not connected but it would certainly be worrying to have to constantly check if you are in fact connected to Wifi. While working through this we would suggest monitoring your data usage and adding a cap or alert from your Ting account just in case.

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