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Hi - I'm porting out my number since my new employer is giving me a phone with service at t-mobile.  My current ting service is the GSM service which I also think is t-moblie.


The port out process is taking over 1 day and t-mobile says everything is fine on their end and we've double checked the account number and pin 3 times (correct).  T-mobile is getting no error messages on their end.


Is there something I need to enable on my account to allow to the port to happen besides just giving the account and PIN number to the new carrier?



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  • Hey Jeff,

    We had an issue on the GSM side yesterday whereby we were unable to process changes to subscriptions or features so that is likely why the port was delayed. You can check the status at but those issues have since been resolved.

    I had a quick look and it appears the number has since ported so that's great, those issues were kind of dropped on us by our network partner but we're still sorry for the delay and wish you all the best with your new provider, though you're always welcome back!

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