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Bill Littman


I am a Ting user for all of 1 day, so some of this may already be available and I don't know about it yet.

I have 4 lines on my account: mine and 1 each for my wife, son, and daughter. I would like them to have the ability to know how many minutes/texts/MB they have for the current billing period. Ideally they could also find out:

  • how much of the billing period has passed
  • the expected usage if the usage rates continue to the end of the billing period
  • a historical view of their usage

It would be terrific if my wife had an account with full rights and my kids had their own accounts with ability to view only their phones.

A good stop-gap measure could be a number they text, email, or call and Ting would respond with much of the information discussed above.




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    Bryce W

    Hi Bill,

     Welcome to Ting! Right now the Ting dashboard is really set up for only one primary user to control the entire account. You brought up some ideas that we have considered in the past so that multiple users can have different levels of control on the account but haven't been able to implement into the dashboard yet. The idea of the projected usage is an interesting idea that I hadn't heard of yet. I'm going to pass it along to our product team to see what they think. 

     I do have a suggestion for an alternative method of keeping everyone on the account up to date on usage in the meantime. You can utilize our usage alert system to send texts to the different people on the account so that they know when they hit certain levels that you want them to be aware of. We have an article that goes into detail about how to set up the alerts if you would like to see if they would help. Check them out here.

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    Bill Littman

    Hi Bryce-

    Thanks for the reply. I have already set up alerts, so I am good there. I would appreciate if some or all of my suggestions are added to the development plan for prioritization. Note that I suggested the text or email idea as a relatively quick and easy way to add the functionality but without the pizazz of web site.

    Note that multiple user access to the website would also come in very handy in another situation. I just ported 4 phones, 2 of which (my kids) were not accessible to me. One is a few miles away and the other is in another state. Coordinating the activation was a pain, both for me and my kids. They were already a bit grumpy dealing with the change (cell provider) that dear old Dad forced upon them.


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