RCS Messaging on Sprint Android

I recieved Andorid PIE last week on my Note 8.   I noticed the chat feature was there for a second on samsung messages...that is the key if you have RCS....but my profile was not updated.....Ting tech support had me update my profile by downloading again.  I wasnt able to use hotspot....they got that working...

BUT......RCS disappeared.   So I am assuming Ting and Sprint dont have this worked out yet.  

Any time frame when it will start working???



  • Hey David,

    RCS has been functional on the Sprint network for some time so we can offer that feature on compatible devices like yours. In fact, almost all new Android phones on the Sprint network support RCS that works between all carriers, so long as you're using either Google's Android Messages app or the Samsung Messages app.

    Ideally, RCS should be enabled by default. If it isn't active on your device, check the Settings menu of Samsung Messages (or Android Messages) and so long as the device has a data connection (cellular or Wi-FI) you should be able to take advantage.

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  • Here is settings menu of mysamsung messages.....chat settings should be there if RCS working.    How do I enable it?   Reinstall samsung messages?  Do you guys have to do something on the Ting end?  the more settings doesnt show anything either?






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  • It should be seamless on our end -- there's nothing you need to change. If it's working, it will appear. To me, that's one of the more-frustrating parts of RCS.

    Luckily (I guess?) you're not alone. 

    Though the issue there seems to have resolved itself after some time and a few reboots of the Note 8.

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  • I tried google messages and RCS not on there also....

    Seems to me this is a TING problem....Are all TING Sprint customers getting RCS?   I think most dont even know what it is???

    Are you guys in TING tech support with your phones on the TING plan all getting RCS??

    The strange thing is I saw RCS when I first got pie....then mobile hotspot wasnt working...so i had to update PRL  Update Profile per your tech support...then RCS gone...So I am thinking the TING profile is not compatible with RCS.....just guessing...

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  • It looks like all Sprint customers with the Note 8 and the Pie update are having this problem-- it's not Ting-specific. RCS is still working on other CDMA handsets, so this probably has to do with the Pie software update. Sprint and Samsung are already aware of the problem and are working to fix it.

    RCS is designed to fall back to SMS if there's ever ANY failure in the system, so it's currently working as designed. As soon as the failure is repaired (software patch, probably) RCS should return to all affected handsets.

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