Recommendation to Correct Rejection of Auto-Payments for Customers Using Virtual Credit Card Numbers
Dear Ting,

Thanks for the help of your (2) chat session support persons and especially for the quick, courteous and complete support of your phone support person, Chantel, relative to the rejection of my monthly account Auto-Payment. Chantel took the time to understand my problem and to check with the appropriate department for the rejection reason. She determined that my card was rejected because Ting had updated their credit card processing service which required that they register a new and different processor ID number. That ID number change automatically rejected the Virtual Credit Card number I had entered in the auto-payment billing settings for my Ting account.

An explanation of the reason for my auto-payment rejection and a "fix"recommendation follow:

For the increasing number of customers who are using Virtual Credit Card numbers (VCN) for their auto-payments, we recommend that Ting advise those customers when Ting changes their credit card processors since such a change also changes Ting’s registration ID number for all of the card types which they process; e.g., MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc., etc.

For repeating, monthly auto-payments (such as those we make for our Ting bill), after Ting uses the VCN for the first-time, NO OTHER vendor (or nefarious hacker) can use that same VCN card number because the registration ID of the first auto-payment using that number has been remembered by the payment processing software. If a subsequent auto-payment uses different registration number or no registration number at all, that auto-payent will automatically be rejected. This VCN feature increases the credit card security for those Ting customers who use a VCN for their auto-payment.

However, when Ting changes their credit card processor (which also changes the registered ID number) any subsequent auto-payments by a Ting customer who uses a VCN, will be rejected and the customer will be in danger of losing his phone service due to a late or missing payment for no apparent reason. Such a customer could possibly be annoyed to the point of considering that he change to a different mobile service provider.

VCN cards have been available for well over 10 years. More and more customers will learn of the great security features of using a VCN for their online and phone payments. As a result, we expect that the total number of customers using VCN’s will continue to increase over time. Therefore, to maintain Ting's present level of customer satisfaction, it is highly recommended that Ting advise customers when Ting changes their credit card processors. In response, to avoid the the rejection of their auto-payment, the customer can then generate a new VCN.
So that you don’t have to unnecessarily advise all your customers of your change in credit card processors, you could add a check box to your customer’s auto-billing settings which they can check to indicate that they use a VCN for their auto-payment.
Your feedback reply relative to the feasibility of implementing my recommendation would be appreciated.
Mel Amato



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