Government income or food stamps


If someone is getting Government income or food stamps. Can or is Ting willing to give a discount?

I see on the rate page and here is what I picked for example:

1 phone line $6.00

2100 mins for $35.00

4801 text for $11

10 gigs for $100.00 (I know not everyone uses 10 gigs but if you love listening to music as I do it adds up quickly)

OR maybe you use this as your only form of internet.

That is $152.00

If you do that for a family of 4. That is $42.50 or 170.00.

There is another company (not gonna say who it is) that offers $25.00 unlimited everything. prepaid I think or maybe post pay. (Not sure if they charge a line fee)

I know companies like VZW post pay include texting and calling unlimited. (Not sure how they do it but I am sure they charge way more.

I just got off chat with someone from Ting and they say for example if I picked a 3 GIG of data and only use 1 gig or less that is what I am charged. 

SO if someone like myself is on food stamps or gov income that would come as a shocker to have to pay as I said $152.00 when they only make $700 and have to pay rent and other bills.


I HOPE this all makes since?




When you use above 2GB of data you pay $20 plus $10 for each additional gigabyte.



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  • Hi Michael,

     Thanks for reaching out. We don't have any discount programs in place for those on assistance but we do like to help people save on their phone bills here at Ting. Our rates are designed to be used and manipulated to fit individual customer needs so that they can get the most out of their usage with us. 

     What I might suggest is checking out the free eBook that we have on our blog. It helps cut down on usage while using your phone the same way and has helped customers save on their phone bills. I'll link you to it here but keep in mind that if you know you are going to use a lot of usage every month that we might not be the right fit for you.

     Feel free to ask any other questions, I'd be more than happy to help so that we can figure out if Ting is the phone service for you. 

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