Ability to Calling through internet with WiFi Or Hotspot

This will allow a cheap rate for making these calls especially internationally. With roaming the rate is very expensive. 



  • Using Wi-Fi calling it is possible to avoid paying the roaming surcharges as the call will be billed as though it originated in the US. We do suggest disabling roaming to do this however as that way we can be certain the call will not connect via the local towers but will be routed via the Wi-Fi connection.

  • By "disabling roaming" do you mean going into Ting's settings to do this, or would it be sufficient to turn off cellular data on the phone itself?

  • Hey David,

    We would suggest doing so from your Ting account device settings just to be 100% sure the call does not connect via a local tower but rather over the Wi-Fi connection which will save you that roaming surcharge.

  • Thanks, Christian.


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