Moto G5 Plus - SD Card used as internal storage error

Hi all,

I recently formatted my SD card for internal storage. Once I did that, I was prompted to move things onto the new SD card automatically, which I did. Now, I'm getting this error: 

If I "forget" this SD card, does that mean everything that the phone just put on it for internal storage will be lost? Or does it mean it's forgetting that that SD card is for additional, portable storage? I didn't have anything on the card before I formatted it for internal storage so I'm not worried about losing anything that was on there before (obviously or I wouldn't have formatted it). 

Is there any other way to get rid of this message? I did try taking out the card and putting it back in and the error persisted. 




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  • Hi Lauren,

    Try removing your SD card and then take a backup on your computer to format it. Repeat the process on your device and copy the backup content. 

    You could also look at wiping the cache partition if that doesn't help but it has to be done via recovery mode and takes about 10 minutes so I would definitely start by copying everything and then trying again.

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