having to reset phone after going out of cell service..

When I go out of cell service and then return to service, I must reset my j3 achieve. If I don't I do not get calls, texts or voicemail. Upon resetting the phone I do get them. If I return to service and do not reset the phone, I can call and text, but not get voicemail and not receive any.

What to do about this?



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  • Hey Jake, 

    This sounds like your roaming settings might be a little out-of-sync, combined with your phone being a stickler for not trying to get a data signal again. 

    We can do a bit of troubleshooting on our end if you email help@ting.com, but rather than reboot the whole phone, I'd suggest toggling Airplane mode to remind your phone that you're inside data coverage, and should be able to receive voicemail notifications. Some phones are just pickier about that sort of thing, and Airplane mode tends to resolve that the quickest.

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