I'm leaving Ting for Red Pocket

Hi. I've been a longtime, satisfied customer of Ting since 2013. Since 2015, I've been using Ting with an iPhone and it's been great. I primarily use the iPhone when connected to wifi so my needs have been limited. My bills have been between $13 and $20 each month, usually on the lower end of that range.

This week, I bought a used iPhone 8 to replace my iPhone 5S. I had been planning to use Ting with the iPhone 8 and I ordered the Sim card. However, out of curiosity, I did a Google search for inexpensive cell providers and discovered Red Pocket. 

I was surprised to find that Red Pocket has plans that are more of a bargain than using Ting. So I decided to switch. I ordered a plan for $15/month (only $15.72 including tax) that gives me 1000 minutes of talk, unlimited texts, and 1GB of data. An equivalent "plan" on Ting is much more expensive.

I feel a little bad about leaving Ting, because I was a satisfied customer, as I said, and I feel that Ting is a responsive company that I want to see succeed. But Red Pocket just provides a lot more value to me right now.  I'm posting this message in the forums to let Ting know why I'm leaving and that I may come back in the future if Ting's pricing is closer to Red Pocket's.

Also, if I somehow I have issues with Red Pocket, then I will come back to Ting. Other than Red Pocket, I couldn't find another cell provider that made me want to switch.




  • Good Luck to you moving to Red Pocket...

    I have first hand experience with both and am pretty certain you'll be back to Ting...

    Reason, when you need customer service good luck with finding a clear speaking English person to assist you, most are hard to understand our issues.

    Messaging is a nightmare with loads of issues...

    Wish you well!

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  • Robert, thanks for sharing your experience.

    I chatted with a Red Pocket agent for about 20 minutes before signing up. I asked him about seven or eight questions about their service and he answered them all to my satisfaction. The fact that he adequately answered those questions is what convicted me to try Red Pocket. I guess I'll find out if that level of customer service at Red Pocket is an exception or not.

    Also, I first learned of Red Pocket from a PC Magazine article that gave it a good recommendation; that same article felt that Ting was only really better for people with multiple phones. I don't know how reliable PC Magazine is, but it has better journalistic standards than a lot of other websites.

    If I do switch back to Ting, I'll post here.

    If Red Pocket is a nightmare when it comes to activating my phone and porting my current number, then it's possible I'll be back soon.

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  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the kind words, we're sorry to see you go but you're always welcome back!

    We really appreciate that you took the time to share your experience with Ting and your support for us as a company...no hard feelings for moving to a plan that seems to make more sense for you.

    If you ever do decide to come back you can always reach out here for help but either way all the best.


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  • Hi, I came to this website to see if I want to get a "per use" plan since I'd be using it only once in a great while, sometimes once every 2 months.  Then I clicked on Discussion to learn more about it.  I did learn about some posters here and I purposely signed up to say these posters must have a lot of chutzpah to publicize their reasons for leaving AND the name of the other site.  And it seems the Ting rep thinks nothing of it.  One thing is to get rid of a site because of inadequate or bad service but another to declare that you get rid of it for the price.  Okay I don't blame you, however, why publicize it and make Ting maybe lose customers???

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  • We don't mind having an open and honest discussion about our competitors on our site. If we removed all criticism of us and praise of our competitors, we wouldn't be seen as impartial in the fight against huge cell phone bills. We are, so the discussion stays. We do still get people porting back to Ting from RedPocket all the time, so we're not worried about being honest regarding our competition.

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