Add Data Roaming - with appropriate charge

At present, Data Roaming is not available on Ting Phones. 

Usually this is not a problem, since wifi is available in most locations.  But, there are times when one might need or want to use Data when roaming.  Perhaps for an important email or just wanting to check out something online.

I would welcome the ability to do so, even if the cost was a premium.  It could be offered in either a higher-paid block of Data, or similar to how texts are charged outside the US. 




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  • If it were anything approaching affordable, we would offer it. I can't get into specifics, but this comment from a few years ago is from our former head of product.

    If it was only, say, $12 per gig — we would probably already be offering it. It, unfortunately, would be hundreds of dollars per gig. (Many/most international roaming countries are cheaper.) It's the sort of price point that could inadvertently enable someone to do a tremendous amount of damage to their Ting bill unintentionally, very quickly. :(

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