Addition of The Netherlands to the list of International countries available?


I notice that Germany is already included. Holland, The Netherlands is right next door! We would love to switch over from Verizon, but have family in Holland and can not afford the per minute price currently on offer. The only option would be via a 3rd party app, like WhatsApp or Signal. Which would work for some content, but being able to call directly would be fantastic! 

Any ideas when Holland might be included? 

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.




  • Hi Alexis,

     Thanks for reaching out to us. With our International Calling that is surcharge-free, it is worked out with our network partners so there is some behind the scenes negotiations that take place to have them. Right now there is no plan to add the Netherlands to the list but if that changes we would announce it on our blog.

     For now, if you were looking to save on those international calls the third party apps like WhatsApp would be the way to go.   

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  • Great, I'll keep checking the blog.

    A more secure third party app (created by the original founders of WhatsApp) is Signal. They have a very efficient and simple interface, much like ting's website and interface.  It's great that we have choices that are simple, efficient, quick, and affordable, in addition to respecting our privacy.

    Its a breath of fresh air. Thank you!


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