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I have an account with Freedompop that still have top-up credit balance remaining. Would it be transferred to Ting or be refunded? Thanks!



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  • Hi Cunzhu Xu,

     Thanks for reaching out to us. With the migration of FreedomPop customers over to Ting the only thing that will be coming over is the phone number itself. Ting stepped in to provide a landing space for FreedomPop customers to transfer their number to so that it wouldn't be lost when FreedomPop shut down. All credits, plans, or balances remain with FreedomPop and we would not have access to any of that information. 

     This might not be what you wanted to hear in regards to your balance that remains but we are offering 2 unique offers to the FreedomPop customers that do want to transfer to Ting. These offers are included in the email that will be sent out to you when your number is ready to be migrated over. If you haven't received your email yet, just hold tight because it will be coming. 

     I hope this answers your question but if you have any follow up concerns please feel free to ask!

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