Phone doesn't recognize sim card

My Samsung Galaxy J3 suddenly started saying that there is no sim card and I'm not connected to the network.  Its started last night and nothing I do helps.  I've done a soft reset, restarted, removed the battery and the sim, but it still says no connection. 



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  • Hi George,

     If this happened out of the blue then it might be something physically wrong with either the SIM card or the SIM card reader on the phone. If you take the SIM card out of the phone and notice any scratches or lines on it this may be causing the issue you may need to order a replacement SIM card. You should also check to see the SIM tray and make sure there is no dust that may be stopping the SIM card from making a proper connection. A quick blow of air on it will usually clear it out but I wouldn't recommend poking it with anything as you could run the risk of scratching a connector. 

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