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I will NOT be switching to Ting from Unreal mobile. I looked into this service before I got Unreal Mobile and went with Unreal for a reason, these plans are way more expensive here. I will be (hopefully) porting my number out if it will let me to Tello. Tello is the closest in cost that I can find to Unreal and is actually a dollar cheaper than what Unreal was, unlimited talk and text and 2 GB for $14 a month. Why in the world would I pay the prices that Ting wants and the plans they are offering me are only good until the end of the year and then convert to the regular more pricey Ting plans.



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  • Hi Jeremy,

     Sorry to hear that our promotional offers don't suit your needs but I understand that they are not going to be right for everyone. When you receive your migration email from FreedomPop the link provided will also have information on how to port your number to another carrier attached to it. Feel free to use that information to move your number over to Tello and if you have any issues our team at will be able to assist you. 


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