migration from Freedompop has not been completed by Ting

I've had a problem ticket (1659) open for 12 days, going through multiple emails with two different Ting customer services reps due to the problem being escalated. I was informed that there was some technical issue in moving automatically and I was instructed to manually create a Ting account, after which my phone number would be able to be moved over. That was 4 days ago. So far, my phone number and device have not moved over. I even provided the MEID and IMEI for my Samsung Galaxy S4. I've received nothing except a "Hey, we're working on it but don't have an ETA on when it will be resolved". The phone is a CDMA Sprint LTE plus enabled device. I've been unable to send/receive calls and texts since I received the "you're moving to Ting" email from Freedompop. And recently, a new problem pops up. If I restart the device, it logs into the Sprint network and lists the appropriate phone number. After a few minutes, it drops off the network with an "invalid SIM card" message. The last email I sent to tech support was to ask if replacing the SIM card would help with the migration. However, I have not received any reply as to a) what the problem is, b) how it can be resolved and c) when it will be resolved. I would appreciate someone helping me with this. 





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  • Hey Anne, 

    We're trying as fast as we can to get to every request, but we're under heavy customer service volume -- 10 times our normal load. This is why it's taking us a while to get back to you. 

    If you've got a request in, we will be able to answer it as soon as we're able. If you're not able to wait for us to email you, you can call us at 855-TING-FTW but please be prepared to wait on hold. We strive for no-hold customer service, but there are a LOT of people calling right now, which explains the hold times. Patience goes a long way here on both ends, and we want to help you out!

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