Query regarding using phone as GPS tracker only

My intent is to purchase the cheapest phone possible and the cheapest plan possible that will allow me to use the phone as a tracking device only. I will not be using the phone for phone calls or text messages or emails, etc. It will be charged nightly and placed in my backpack each morning before heading out for the day and will be used as a tracking device in the event of theft. Is this possible with your service?



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  • Hi John,

     This is possible with Ting. We are a pay for what you use service so you may want to look at the amount of data that the phone would use as a GPS tracker for a month and decide if we are the right fit for you based on our rates here. It's a click-through estimator so you would need to select the number of lines you would have on Ting and then for the minutes, messages and data. 

     I think it's important to mention that you'll want to make sure that all other apps that use data are turned off on the phone to limit the number of opportunities that the phone has to connect to the mobile network. Removing them completely from the phone when possible would be my suggestion.  

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